Friday, March 25, 2011

I dream ♪

Need to look more at the bright side. The revolution helped us get over our fears, let them not come back and take over our lives. This song is inspired by Egy2020, sung by ZAP Tharwat, Hany Adel (Voice of Freedom) & Cairokee. Naturally it's in Egyptian Arabic. ^_^

مبروك ولادة الجيل
Congratulations the birth of the generation
مبروك بقى اسمي
Congratulations has become my name
مبروك علينا النيل
Congratulations the Nile
يروي شروخ جسمي
Watering the cracks in my body
مبروك أنا فرحان
Congratulations I’m happy
متلخبط أتكلم
I’m confused to talk
بالريشة والألوان
With the brush and colors
للظرف أنا مزين
I decorated the envelope
كاتب لبكرة جواب
I’m writing a letter to tomorrow
وباعته لعنواني
And sending it to my address
واصف في بكرة حاجات
I’m describing things in tomorrow
أتمنى تلقاني
That I hope will find me
واصف شجاعة جيل
I’m describing the bravery of a generation
واصف غنى ومواويل
Describing singing and folk songs
واصف محبة تساع
Describing love that is enough
من الخلق بالملايين
For millions of people
واصف فانوس مكسور من عركة امبارح
Describing a broken lamp from yesterday’s fight
واصف ولد بيثور ع الظلم مش سامح
Describing a boy who revolts against injustice and doesn’t allow it
واصف ودمعي يزيد لما أفتكر أكتر
Describing and my tears increase the more I remember
واصف وفرجه قريب بس احنا نتغير
Describing and His relief is near if we’d just change

بحلم كتير أجري وأطير
I dream a lot of running and flying
في سما واسعة كلها خير
In a vast sky full of good
معايا ناسي وأحبابي
With me are my people and loved ones
وأنسى عذابي
And I forget my suffering

مبروك وبتمنى
Congratulations and I’m wishing
كاتب كتير جوابات
Writing a lot of letters
مبروك وحاستنى
Congratulations and I’ll wait
ده العمر لسه ما فات
Life isn’t over yet
أتمنى أشوف في بلادي
I wish to see in my country
العدل شيء عادي
Justice is the norm
وأتمنى أشوف الحاضر
I wish to see the present
يمحي أسى الماضي
Erase the sorrow of the past
أتمنى أشوف الطالب
I wish to see the student
حاضن لكراسه
Hugging his notebook
وأتمنى أشوف الظابط
I wish to see the (police) officer
رافع لفوق راسه
Holding his head high
أتمنى أشوف عالم
I wish to see a scientist
وأتمنى أشوف فلاح
And wish to see a farmer
أتمنى أشوف الراجل
I wish to see the man
في العيشة بقى مرتاح
Become comfortable in life
ده الصبح هو حياته
Morning is his life
راح تحلم ايه تاني؟
What else would you dream of?
راح تحلم ايه تاني؟

What else would you dream of?
راح تحلم ايه تاني؟

What else would you dream of?

بحلم كتير أجري وأطير
I dream a lot of running and flying
في سما واسعة كلها خير
In a vast sky full of good
معايا ناسي وأحبابي
With me are my people and loved ones
وأنسى عذابي
And I forget my suffering

احلم وقوم حقك
Dream and rise.. it’s your right
أحلم وأنا مصدق
I dream while believing
أحلم وقبل ما أحلم
I dream and before dreaming
الحلم يتحقق
The dream comes true

احلم وقول
Dream and say
اللي جواك
What’s inside you

بحلم كتير أجري وأطير
I dream a lot of running and flying
في سما واسعة كلها خير
In a vast sky full of good
معايا ناسي وأحبابي
With me are my people and loved ones
وأنسى عذابي
And I forget my suffering

I dream of being freeeeeee!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick, Tired & Afraid

The constitutional referendum's result was bitter sweet. On the one hand, Egyptians have their say for the first time in God only knows how many years. On the other hand, it's sad to see so many people voting without having at least read the constitutional amendments or without quite knowing why they're are voting for one thing or the other.

I saw an article in the newspaper yesterday about what one sheikh has said about the referendum's result. I didn't take it too seriously because newspapers like to take things out of context or blow things up sometimes. But then I saw the video mentioned in the article and seeing is totally different from reading. 

He talks about the referendum as the "battle of the (voting) boxes". He was saying that people voted "yes" to religion (in reference to article no. 2* in the constitution). Those those who are upset about this or say that they can't live like this in the country can leave. Go to Canada or USA. He says we're not upset with those who said "no", but they now know their status and position.

He said it surprised him that some brothers were for "no" because they don't agree to patching the constitution. He replies to them that the issue isn't the constitution. The issue is that people have become two camps. The camp of religion with all the sheikh (scholars), the Muslim Brotherhood, the tableegh, the salafis etc. saying yes. And on the other hand the other people. So you'd look bad to be on the side that doesn't have the sheikhs. 

Even if you are against of this constitution. What's the constitution going to do for us? There are times when the sheikh says yes, and hence you say yes too, even if it's not to your liking. He said, "I'm not telling you to follow me when I'm doing something wrong. But have confidence that when it comes to religious matters, I would never choose for your except what pleases Allah."

That's what he said. Why have the amendments boiled down to article no.2 which wasn't touched? Whether the referendum's result is "yes' or "no", there would be a new constitution, so what difference does it make? "Yes" would stop people from discussing article no.2? How's that? And what does discussing the article mean? It's not going to be changed simply because people bring it up or discuss it. It's too sensitive an issue to be dealt with that way.

And what does it mean that those who voted "yes" voted for religion? Those who voted "no" are against religion? Before the referendum on March 19th, some groups came out saying that it's our religious duty to vote "yes". Our religious duty is to vote, I agree. But a religious obligation to vote for a certain thing?! A friend told about how she came across a guy using verses from the Qur'an to show how it supports the vote for "yes". o_O

If it were just one person talking like this, it wouldn't be so bad. But to hear it from a lot of people, especially if it comes from people who can influence people. This is scary. What's next?

I believe Islam and politics shouldn't be separated because I believe laws shouldn't go against religion and can't see why politics can't be clean. But if this is how it's going to be then I understand what people are saying about separating state and religion. I don't think we don't have the fear of the "church" (we don't have an equivalent in Islam) abusing power. I think this is more like abusing religion for whatever reason. I don't think some of these groups are after power, it may be more due to their understanding of what's happening.

We still have a long way to go, many more elections to come in the next couple years. In some estimates 4 times, some say 6 times, and even heard of 9 times. We have a high illiteracy rate, but I think an even higher rate of lack of political awareness. There's a lot of work to be done in little time.

Today, the newspaper published this sheikh's response to criticisms on his speech (video). He said that he was joking and what he said shouldn't be taken seriously. He also said that the other people turned the referendum into a religious battle.

The problem isn't with one or two individuals and what they say. Even jokes aren't jokes to everyone who hears them. I think we need to be careful with our wording because what you say first is what people remember, further explanations usually fall on deaf ears.

Another point regarding the religious "battle", it doesn't matte who turned it into a religious battle. It wasn't supposed to be one & just because one group brings up religion, doesn't mean we follow suit. It's the same idea as those who said we're voting "x" because so-and-so said "y". We're not going to be in the same boat. o_O Two wrongs don't make a right.

I've been too tired lately to really feel anything, or maybe I'm not following the news close enough. But an article yesterday written by one of my favorite writers put some fear in me. He talked about several sources saying that a group from the dissolved state security has created a list of people to be assassinated and another list for those to be "disciplined". Another source told him of documents that were found on strategies to exhaust the revolution, including fueling the sectarian clashes. 

Could take these as rumors but this isn't the first time this writer's been contacted with info. He as well as others have warned of things they were informed of, without anyone listening to them, later on what they warned of came true. I suppose as an individual I can't do anything but pray. I pray these are only rumors. May Allah protect Egypt & grant it a better future.

*Article no.2 states that Islam is the religion of the state, Arabic is the official language & the principles of Shari`ah are the main source of legislation.