Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Home - عنواني

Something is coming up, so insyAllah I'll have more time on my hands to work on language learning projects. For now, this is a song that was recently released by Zap Tharwat, Sodfa Band, Kazaz & Mohamed Sweid. Songs can sure be tricky when translating, I'm sticking to the Arabic as close as I can for language learning purposes.

The song has English translation in it, but it's either I can't see them all, or some parts are missing. I copied one line from their version because I'm thinking maybe it carries their intention for the meaning. As always, comments & questions are most welcome. ^_^

 My Home

قالوا لي في صغري في صِبايا
They told me in my childhood, my youth
فداها شهيد هي الغاية
A martyr’s death is a goal
يا قدس يا ريت تسامحيني
O Jerusalem, please forgive me
ده ظلم سنين عمى عيني
It’s the injustice of so many years that blinded my eyes
وعمي قلبي عن الواقع
And blinded my heart from the reality
وخلّاني أكون بايع
And made me sell (the cause)
نسيت والعمر نسّاني
I forgot and life made me forget
نسيت وضعفي بكّاني
I forgot and my weakness made me cry
وييجي في حلمي يهمسلي
And it comes to me in my dream, whispering to me
مايفزعني، لكن كلامه يوجعني
It doesn’t frighten me, but its words hurt
أموت أنا فدى بلادي
I’ll die for my land
لكن الأصل بينادي
But the origin calls
(In the video it says: But the true source is calling for those willing to keep living)
ده عدّى العمر مش باقي أنا في عمري كتير باقي
Time has passed with not much left, but there’s a lot left of my life (time)
بصوت عالي ومن تاني فلسطين دي عنواني
In a loud voice, once again, Palestine is my home

شايف صلاح الجيل واقف على بابك
I see the righteousness of the generation standing at your door
حاشد جيوش ثوار واقفين على عتابك
Gathering armies of rebels standing at your door step
بيحطموا الأسوار آلاف من الثوار
Thousands of revolutionaries breaking the barriers
خلونا ناخد حقنا خلاص بقينا أحرار
Let us take our right, for at last, we’re free
دخلوا على الأقصى وصلوا ركعتيين
They entered Al-Aqsa and prayed two rak`ahs (prayed a prayer)
مشهد من القصة هنشوفه يوم بالعين
A scene from the story we will see one day with our own eyes
أنا لسة فاكر من سنة واحنا هنا واقفين
I can still remember a year ago when we were standing here
في جيشك واقف أنا جنبي صلاح الدين
Among your army I stood along Salahudin (Saladin)
حالة من عشق لترابك
A state of deep love for your soil
حالفين لهناخد بـتارك
We swear to avenge you
حلفنا منسيبك هنا
We swore we wouldn’t leave you here